Welcome to your photography site.  I say “your site” because I want it to be as much yours as it is mine.

This site is NOT intended to sell my services or products or tell you what a great photographer I am.

This site IS intended for everyday people to view photographs, maybe post some of their own, and learn a little about Photography.

My intent is to explore different styles, methods, discuss equipment and what to buy –and NOT buy.  This site is for everyday people who have an interest in photography and want to learn more about it.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of photography sites out there and several are hosted by professional photographers.  To an everyday person, it can be a little intimidating reading about the complexities of taking that award winning shot with a high-end camera in an exotic location when we aren’t even sure what the difference is between a deep depth of field and a shallow depth of field.

This site is intended for people who are new or intermediate photographers.  If you’re a pro, or someone who is thinking about becoming a pro –this site isn’t for you:  you’ll just be bored. I’m looking for budding photographers that want to learn more.  I’m looking for intermediate photographers that want to share their knowledge and the excitement of capturing that perfect image.  I’m looking to build a community of people who just love to learn and share their thoughts, techniques and excitement.

This is a safe place to learn and never be afraid of asking those “stupid questions”.  I guarantee if you have a question, no matter how stupid you think it may be, someone else out there has had the same question.  I firmly believe there is no such thing as stupid questions.

I also want people to feel free and safe about their pictures.  I know how intimidating it can be to put yourself out there for the world to see.  It takes courage and on ill-mannered comment can put our progress back months or years.  This is not a critical site.  We can coach, critique and mentor.

So, if this sounds like you, welcome and visit often.  There will be new posts often, not just from me, but from others who will join us too!

A Photography Blog for Beginning and Intermediate photographers

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