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Shutter Speed -Part 2

Part 2 -Showing Motion


In Shutter Speed Part 2 will concentrate on how the camera utilizes shutter speed speeds to get the picture you want.

Part 1 demonstrated the effects of a fast vs slow shutter speed.
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Understanding Shutter Speed Part 1

The difference Between Fast and Slow Shutter Speed

This post will be a Two Part Post, learning how to understand what effect shutter speed has on your picture.
Part 1 will demonstrate the difference between using a fast shutter speed to “freeze” motion, and a slow shutter speed to show motion.

Part 2 will be a more technical discussion on how to use shutter speeds in the camera and understanding how use the camera’s controls to adjust shutter speed.

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Hold that Camera Steady!

Learning the importance of holding the camera is critical.  So far my posts have been about some philosophy around photography. I also want this blog to be about techniques and learning about various ways to create the photographs you want. Therefore this post will start from the very beginning: Learning how to hold the camera steady.

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Learning Photography in Today’s Digital World

Now for Something Completely Different: Try Shooting it Like it Matters. Let’s try something different. Something a little retro; old school. Something so old it’s new again.

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The Camera You Already Own is All You Need

Do not go out and buy an expensive camera!

Chances are if you are reading this Blog, you have an interest in photography. Chances are also that you already own a camera of some sort. It may be a good Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), a point and shoot camera, or just your cell phone. You do not need a great, expensive camera to take good photographs. Especially when you are just starting out,  This is important.

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Here We Go!

This is the Inaugural Post on my First Blog. I’m new to this whole blogging thing and never really frequented blogs before, so you experienced blog readers and posters take it easy on me –for now. I am open to suggestions and helpful hints though, because I want this to succeed.

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