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Filters cover a wide variety of uses. In the old days of film, filters were used to create effects that would enhance or change the way the film was exposed right in the camera. There were a whole host of filters available for many effects. Today, most of these effects can be created right in your camera, or on in your photo editing software. In fact the software usually refers to these effects as applying a filter. This makes, by and large, the purchase of filters unnecessary.

With a few notable exceptions.

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Introduction of Ron’s Recommendations

I have said many times throughout this website that I will not be pushing products or trying to sell you anything. This is still true. However I do have some ads posted around in a hope that they will help defray the cost of hosting this site. They are for relevant (I hope) products and services which are randomly selected through Google. I selected irrelevant categories to block them and they select what they consider relevant ads from their service. I really have no other control of what they post. The jury is still out as to the effectiveness and viability of them.

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The Camera You Already Own is All You Need

Do not go out and buy an expensive camera!

Chances are if you are reading this Blog, you have an interest in photography. Chances are also that you already own a camera of some sort. It may be a good Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), a point and shoot camera, or just your cell phone. You do not need a great, expensive camera to take good photographs. Especially when you are just starting out,  This is important.

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