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Guest Author -Mia’s Photographs

Millie Mae

Millie Mae

This was one of the first pictures I took, but it still remains one of my favorites! Although while I took this picture I was getting yelled at by my parents-that I was going to scratch the camera! I still managed to get an adorable picture of my little dog with lots of depth and texture. Can’t you just feel the softness of her coat?!

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Introducing Mia

Introducing Mia, an aspiring photographer who has taken a keen interest in capturing the world around her in photographs. I first noticed Mia’s innate talent a couple years ago when my wife and I were hosting our regular Christmas Eve Extravaganza. It’s a sit down dinner for about 30 people. We clear out all the furniture in our large family room, set up tables and prepare a large meal of her family’s traditional Christmas Eve fare.

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