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I’ve collected the links below over the past few years of teaching my Intro to Digital Photography Class. They are a host of learning sites, photography tips and techniques and some commercial sites I’ve found that do a good job of printing or putting your photos on gift items. Nothing tells someone that you love them like a coffee mug with their picture on it!

~Ron G.

External Web Links

Free Educational Links -10 Tips for beginners

Camera Simulator

Cambridge in Colour  -A Learning Community for Photographers

Canon Learning Center -Geared to Canon Owners -Digital Camera Help for Beginners & Beyond

Digital Photography School -A Photography Learning Website; Free and Paid content

Easy Camera Lessons  -You Tube Videos

Free Photography Tutorials and Tips

Kodak Learning Center

Effects of Different Lenses -You Tube Video

National Geographic Photo Tips

Nikon Learn & Explore -Geared to Nikon Owners

PC Magazine Computer, Camera  and Software reviews and articles -Photography Tips and Techniques

Popular Photography Magazine


Shutter Speed Explained  -You Tube Video –Online Encylopidea

Free Photo Editing Software

Free Photo Editing Software Guide -Reviews of Free Software


Gimp -Very Comprehensive; somewhat complex.

Hugin -Panchromatic Photo Stitcher



Pixlr -Web Application Photo Editor


UFRaw -For RAW file formats

Commercial / Products

Best Services for Printing your Photo Books -Reviews

Easy Canvas Prints -Print your photos on Canvas -Photo Printing and Products

Photography Law/Business

Write a Business Plan for a Small Business

Photography Copyrights Explained




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