Intro to Digital Photography

Week 2 -Intro to Digital Photography

Week 2: Science vs. Art

In our Week 2 Class we discussed Science vs. Art.  All the science behind photography: Shutter speed, aperture settings and ISO Speed.

Week 2 Review

This week we discussed all the science behind Photography:

  • How light works
  • How the camera works
  • How the camera transforms visible light into computer images
  • EXIF info embedded in the digital images
  • The balancing act of Aperture and Shutter Speed.
  • The introduction of ISO Speed as the 3rd point in the Exposure triangle.

For more detailed information you can read these Blog Posts:
Shutter Speed Part 1 and Part 2
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Next week: Science vs. Art
ISO Speed

We also discussed how Shutter Speed control the display of motion in the picture and how Aperture controls depth of field.

This Blog has many resources for you:

  • Blog Posts:  Has many of the concepts we discuss in class in greater detail as well as many other topics.
  • Ron Resources: Has several web links I mentioned in class that are useful and educational.
  • Ron’s Recommendations:  My recommendations for cameras and accessories.

Next week: The Science of Art

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You can download the slides from Week one by using this link and selecting the download option.

Class Notes: Week 2

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