Week 4

Week 4 -Intro to Digital Photography

Class Notes Week 4: The equipment you already own is all you need.

This week was devoted to gear.  Learn your camera’s controls; what it can do, what it can’t do and how to make it work to your best advantage.

Week 4 Review

Know your camera, learn how to use it and understand its most important features. Chances are that the camera you already own will do much more than you realize. Most people do not take the time to read through the manual that came with the camera –and today many manufacturers don’t even include a comprehensive manual. You may need to download it from their website. This is because the manufactures have come to realize that most people don’t read the manual and they’ve decided to save money by not even printing them.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcuts to learning how to use your camera. The manuals are generally poorly written, often in language that is either too technical, or by an engineer who’s first language is not English. They are awful! But, you need to at least learn the basics to make the camera operate the way you want it to in order to take the pictures you want.

If all you do is learn how to control shutter speed, aperture and the auto focus, that will give you 80% of what you will ever need. The rest can wait until you master those three things. Now that you have an understanding of what these three things do and the effect they have on your pictures, you should be able to better decipher these sections of the manual.

It’s important to know what your camera can do, what it cannot do, and how to use it to your best possible advantage.

Do Your Homework!

We also discussed what to look for when and if you decide that, yes, you really do need a new camera. Do your homework! Never relay on the sales clerk in a store for information. They are there to seel you the most expensive camera they can, or the one they have the most in stock –not necessarily what you want or need. I always go into the store knowing exactly what I want.

Look at My Recommendations as a place to start. I also have several links to places where you can do research and read reviews.

This Blog has many resources for you:

  • Blog Posts:  Has many of the concepts we discuss in class in greater detail as well as many other topics.
  • Ron Resources: Has several web links I mentioned in class that are useful and educational.
  • Ron’s Recommendations:  My recommendations for cameras and accessories.

Please explore my Blog; I created it for you -my students.

Next week: Photo Workshop

You can download the slides from Week one by using this link and selecting the download option.

Class Notes: Week 4

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