Week 5

Week 5 -Intro to Digital Photography

Week 5 Photo Workshop.

This week was devoted to our workshop.  We put into practice the techniques we learned in the last 4 weeks.

Week 5 Review

Using various objects brought into class, we took pictures:

  • Composition –Rule of Thirds
  • Shutter speed -using fast and slow speeds
  • Depth of field –Shallow and deep using various aperture settings
  • Lighting –using the camera’s flash, spot lights and available light

We talked about what worked, what was difficult and what didn’t work well.

This Blog has many resources for you:

  • Blog Posts:  Has many of the concepts we discuss in class in greater detail as well as many other topics.
  • Ron Resources: Has several web links I mentioned in class that are useful and educational.
  • Ron’s Recommendations:  My recommendations for cameras and accessories.

Please explore my Blog; I created it for you -my students.

Next week: Presentation is Everything

You can download the slides from Week one by using this link and selecting the download option.

Class Notes: Week 5

~Ron G.

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2 thoughts on “Week 5 -Intro to Digital Photography”

  1. I’m fairly new to digital photography
    I done a fair bit in the good old days of 35mm spools and going to get them developed lol
    I’m in the group is it DPS
    But I’d like to join with you if you’ll have me.

    1. All are welcome here Bryan! Please feel free to take a look at the posts here. This particular post is the 5th week of an Intro to Digital Photography class I teach. You may want to start with week 1 and work through them in order -one week builds to the next. I also have posts on several other topics you may be interested in. If you have any additional questions let me know.
      -Ron G.

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