Week 6

Week 6 -Intro to Digital Photography

Week 6 Presentation is Everything

Our last week  🙁

I hope you enjoyed our class as much as I did.  Please come back here for more articles, tips and techniques.  I try to post something new at least once a week -usually over the weekend. I do have a day job…

This week was devoted to what we do with the pictures after they are taken.

Week 6 Review


  • On the computer
  • email
  • Web
  • On the wall
  • Screen Resolution

File sizing for:

  • Prints
  • Digital Frames
  • Computer screens

We discussed ways of printing your photographs:

  • Printing services
  • To do it yourself –or not to do it yourself

We also discussed Post Production:

  • Editing
  • Cropping

And File maintenance:

  • Come up with a method now before you have thousands of picture files to search.
  • There are as many methods as there are photographers.
  • Ron’s Tried and True method: Set up folders using a date code –see class notes for details.
  • Never edit the original files, only copies of the file.

Backing up your files: It’s not IF your computer fails, it’s WHEN!

Discover your style and develop it. Once you are comfortable with your style, branch out of your comfort zone to keep your creativity growing.

Most Importantly HAVE FUN!

This Blog has many resources for you:

  • Blog Posts:  Has many of the concepts we discuss in class in greater detail as well as many other topics.
  • Ron Resources: Has several web links I mentioned in class that are useful and educational.
  • Ron’s Recommendations:  My recommendations for cameras and accessories.

Please explore my Blog; I created it for you -my students.

You can download the slides from Week one by using this link and selecting the download option.

Class Notes: Week 6

Thank you for attending my class.  I hope you learned a little about Photography and the wonderful abilities of your camera and satisfying world of Digital Photography.

You can keep learning and stimulating your creativity by coming back to my Blog and using the resources I have gathered here.  I put up a new post at least once a week.

Please feel free to comment on the Posts, ask questions and share your own experiences.

~Ron G.

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