Welcome Students -Past and Present!


Welcome to my students both past and present. For several years now I’ve taught the Intro to Digital Photography Class for the Adult Ed Department. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and look forward to teaching the class for many more years to come.

Every time I teach the class several students ask if I will ever teach a follow up class, or a more advanced class. My answer has always been “No –at least not for now”. I have a regular “day job” and just don’t have the time to create another course and take the time to teach it.Welcome Students

Every time I teach the class, as part of the course I ask the students to send me in a couple pictures every week and we show them and discuss them during the next session. I love this part because it shows the growth they make during the class as they begin putting into practice the principles we cover in class.

Students also often ask me to send the notes or slides I use in class. Every week I usually send out some key slides we discuss in class. Starting with this session, I will integrate this into my Blog. The Blog will be a place for students to send in their pictures for class, and a resource to get the slides you may want for reference. I also provide a list of web links I’ve collected over the years with very useful and educational web sites. You can now find these links on the Ron’s Recommendations area. There is a page for web resources that I will keep updating as warranted and a page containing my recommendations for cameras and accessories.

This blog is my special invitation to my students to continue their exploration and learning the art and science of photography. I would love to reconnect with my Welcome Students former students and stay in touch with my current students. We can do this by your participation in this blog. Through our interaction here we can continue learning and developing our skills together. This can be a good substitute for that more advanced class –and it won’t cost you a thing –unlike the first class you took through the town.

So, welcome and I hope you participate and come back often. I find the subject of photography has an endless amount of topics to write about and hope to have frequent posts (as much as my “day job” will allow).

Please come back often, check out the new material, and participate in the discussion!

-Ron G.

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